Looking for an MYP tutor?

I am the MYP Guru – a private IB MYP tutor offering online and in person tutoring lessons. If you are looking for an IB MYP tutor to help your child become a better learner and improve their grades, I can help. You will find more information on the services I offer in the Services tab above. In the Bio tab, you will find some information about me and my qualifications.

I enjoy teaching and working with students who want to improve. Having the opportunity to guide young students and help them reach their full potential brings me great satisfaction.  Being part of their development and having the opportunity to shape their minds is very special to me. Also, I make it easy and fun – for me and the students!

Lower grades in school often prevent students from achieving what they want. I help students improve their grades because I believe that education should be empowering and not restricting.

Students I work with improved their grades because I help them understand the subject material and their MYP assignments as well as help them become better learners and find the joy in learning. Additionally, they have the added benefits of significantly improving their self-confidence in the class room, strengthening their basics skills and knowledge and all of them have made it into the IB Diploma.

Parents will find that my service often eliminates a lot of worry and stress from keeping up with all the tasks and homework their children have. I keep parents informed about their children’s progress and areas of knowledge that need strengthening. I have had great success helping struggling students do better to pass a grade or make it into the IB Diploma and higher level students achieve even better-if not perfect-results.

You can check out my tutoring services here, or read more about me here.